Thursday, 24 October 2013

Are you planning your event's pricing structure & marketing strategy on time?

The first point I'll make in this post is preparation preparation preparation.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" ~ Benjamin Franklin

I've managed hundreds of event's entry process over the last few years & in Ireland there seems to be a sense of "sure we'll open up entry a couple of weeks before the event & it'll be grand". This leaves the organisers with very little time to promote the event & get the word out there.

The earlier you get set up for entry the better chance you have of maximising participation:

- Put thought into your pricing structure
- Cement your date on the calendar so potential competitors don't clash 
- Plan your social media strategy (see my other blog post for tips) click here
- Get booked marketing support from ACTIVE &
- Regular press releases to keep the event in  people's mind throughout the year
- Make the most out of Charity support if it is a fundraiser

Pricing Structure:
Appropriate thought should be put into your  pricing structure. There are 4 main reasons why it is beneficial to get people registered before the event:
- You know how many people to cater for / expect on the day.
- You receive entry fees beforehand to fund the event (ACTIVE systems pay monthly to your account)
- You collect vital data about your participants of which you can form trends and patters for future events
- Avoid the stress & hassle of large queues at registration and handling cash on the day

There are a couple of easy to implement ideas for encouraging participants to enter online:
- Early Bird Pricing: start the event off at a slightly cheaper price & increase it as time gets nearer the event. "Every little helps"
- On the day Admin charge: Charge participants a little extra on the day for administration time. This encourages participants to register online & also increases your revenue totals.

Cement your place on the calendar:
With events popping up in every small town & village, competition is more intense than it's ever been. You being listed on the running calendars puts off similar events in the area of taking your weekend.
- Link to add to the Active / RunIreland calendar click here
***Each of these Active / RunIreland pages get hundreds if not thousands of views, add as much info as you can to these***
- Link to add to click here
- Link to add to Race Dates Ireland click here

Social Media Strategy:
By planning your event earlier this year you can put an effective social media strategy in place & build a community about the event. Focus on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Click here

Between your social media channels & the calendar entries this should provide you with lots of exposure.

Marketing Support from ACTIVE Network &
The companies that work with us for online entry registration get a whole host of free marketing opportunities. Get in touch with me early on so we can book some marketing support for your event:
- Listing on the RunIreland website
- Listing on the website
- The RunIreland Newsletter (approx 40,000 subscribers)
- The ACTIVE Newsletter (50,000 + subscribers)
- Using Press Releases on the site homepage to generate interest(averaging between 2,500 - 4,000 site visitors a day at the moment- & this is out "quiet time" )
- Social Media posts about the event leading up to it (approx 6,500 Facebook likes on the RunIreland page)
- You can also purchase advertising spots on to boost exposure, contact for pricing.

Charity Support:
Adding a charity partner to the event has many benefits. It creates a feel good feeling around the event, raises money for a great cause & also opens you up to the charity's marketing channels.

We at ACTIVE Network are also partners with the online fundraising website Just Giving. Just Giving can help increase both fundraising & awareness around the event & make everything more streamlined. Get in touch with me to see how we can work together to help you with fundraising.

I hope you found this post useful for your upcoming events, thanks for your time in reading :-)

Thanks & Regards,
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Endurance Account Manager
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