Thursday, 29 May 2014

Discount codes to attract more participants

With the vast amount of events being set up, competition is heating up between different events for participants to register.
One tip we have recently come up with is to offer a small discount for certain participants.
Past Participants:
The ACTIVEworks Endurance system provides you with a very easy to use discount tool whereby you can discount either a % or an amount. This can be given to last year’s participants to get them registered again for the race.
“RunIreland Discounts”
Why not set up a special RunIreland promo code to let us promote the discount and get more entries in. We can post this code on the homepage, the Facebook page & the Twitter account to try and increase your numbers with a discount incentive. Get in touch to organise this!
Discount Instructions:
1.     Log into the ACTIVE Works Endurance Sign-In Page
2.     If prompted, select your Organization
3.     Click the event name, located under the Your Events section of the Organization Dashboard
Event Name Location
4.     Click Tools
5.     Click Discounts
Discount Tool Location
6.     Click Create
7.     Enter the Name of the discount
8.     Select the Amount the discount will be for (Amount or Percentage)
9.     Enter the discount Code
10. Enter a description (optional)
11. Select the desired expiration date
12. Enter the Maximum number of uses
13. Select the categories the discount will be applied to
14. Select the additional purchase items the code should apply to
15. Click Save

Thanks for reading.
Adam O’Connor
Account Manager – Ireland

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