Monday, 29 December 2014

Fail to convert, convert to fail?

People actually ask me sometimes why I write this blog when it is not my job to do so. It's simple, I have seen lots of different things and lots of things done differently in my professional career in the Endurance market - from the banal to the brilliant, the mundane to the magnificent, I just want to share knowledge.

I only do well and hit my targets if you guys do so hence this little event organisers education page.

Anywaaaaay.... Today maybe somewhat boring but nonetheless important - Converting prospects into participants.

As an event / company / business, whatever you run, you want to convert anyone that comes looking in your shop. For an organiser, decreasing drop off rates and getting anybody who clicks into your entry form registered should be of utmost importance. This is why I love working at ACTIVE.

At ACTIVE we have the same business model as our customers, I always say we only make money if you make money so we provide you with the tools and technology to reach your goals.

Lots of people don't think about the potential participants that click into your form but for whatever reason, don't complete their registration. Now it is not always the "event window shopper's" fault... They may have a crying baby in their hands, they may have to x the screen as their boss is walking by, they may be out with the lads for a few drinks and can't navigate the form - Whatever it is you want to get their entry fees paid. But how? Here's where we come in..

ACTIVEworks Endurance has a couple of handy features you may not even know about:

1. Abandoned Shopping Basket Email:
This is simple but effective, should a participant click into your form they have to do so through their ACTIVE account or Facebook page, which means ACTIVE capture their email address and recognise they have shown interest. As the organiser, you can switch on these emails to send to "incomplete registrants" 4, 48 & 72 hours after they exit the form reminding them to enter.

2. Prospective Registrations Report:
You can also download an excel file of these window shoppers and send them a personal email asking if they need more info before entering, if something but them off entering or if they just didn't have time there & then to fill out the form.

....And my personal favorite, wait for it ***drum roll***

3. Mobile Express Registration:
You may have read my previous post on this but in a nutshell, mobile express registration can be turned on for your event. This means that participants from a mobile device can register with just two clicks, pay there and then and fill out the form when they are the comfort of their computer. We did our homework, only 11% of people who clicked into a form from a mobile device paid for their entry there and then - that's where express reg was born from. Speak to your Account Manager about turning this on.

All in all, conversion is key - track it and utilise the tools we give you to make the most out of your registration system.

Thanks for reading!

Adam O'Connor

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